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My Background

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My background in corporate retail gives me insider knowledge on the demands of balancing career, home and spirit. I've worked in the fast paced, trend oriented cosmetics industry for over 15 years. I've led teams, travelled the world and learned a great deal about time. 

I found over the years that what motivates me is my dedication to people and their development, both in their personal lives and careers. I am passionate about helping people develop skills that create balance and purpose in their lives.

Becoming a certified Integral Coach felt like coming "home". I have always been drawn to nature and community. Sharing practices with my coaching clients, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and motivation lights me up! Using astrology and nature based spirituality in my personal development, I have found it deeply impactful and affirming for my clients. 


While working with Britt I became more in tune to what I know to be honest and true for me.  Her inquisitive and nurturing nature made me feel safe and comfortable to be open and authentic in my self discovery and journey.  Her coaching has made me more self aware.   At the close of each session I couldn’t wait for the next as I became more introspective about my thoughts and choices vs reactive. I plan to have repeated check ins with her to continue my self discovery. 

-Angelica Zaledzieski

My astrology reading with Britt was soul touching. My neck was sore from nodding vigorously throughout our session! I had limited knowledge about astrology before meeting with Britt. Her thoughtful and engaging approach made the information very accessible, clear, and meaningful. I honestly felt so seen. It's like Britt held up a mirror for me, to see myself with more clarity and understanding. More than that, it felt like Britt was on my team. She was incredibly supportive and created space for questions and reflection which helped me fully absorb all the cosmic wisdom. She offered the reading with such care and love and trustworthy expertise -- the reading will be a lifetime resource for me that I will continuously return to for deeper self discovery and connection. Lastly, it was just really fun to talk stars and cosmos with Britt -- we laughed a ton and the time flew by like that. It's evident she put a lot of energy and time into preparing for it. I walked away feeling unexpected relief that when and where I was born influences the person I am today. I'm so grateful to know more about myself through this astrology lens with all of Britt's support and wise insight. 

-Danny Duong

"Britt's natal chart reading helped me uncover aspects of myself that I loosely "knew" but didn't fully understand. Her patience with each detail of the chart reading helped me connect more deeply with my specific personality traits and her passion for the material was infectious! " 

- Kristina Barnes 

I was excited for my reading with Britt.  She is warm, passionate, and knowledgeable.  When reviewing my chart, she helped me better understand ‘me’ and what I have been experiencing in my life.  Everything revealed was spot on.  She shared guidance and encouragement on how I can prepare for my year ahead, which is exactly what I needed!   She is amazing!

-G Riggs 

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