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Aries Full Moon

The full moon in Aries happens at 7:56AM PDT on 10/20/21. Aries is about drive and desire, Aries represents the Self in opposition of Libra which represents The Other. This intense full moon is an awakening for being true to oneself even in relationship, or maybe, especially when in relationship with others. It calls for a release of procrastination, indecisiveness and people pleasing and beckons in our inner authority, clarity and the balance of masculine/feminine energies we all possess. Exercising our boundaries and a fierce intensity to claim our true value are a big part of this lunation. Are we being diminished in our relationships? Reclaiming our sovereignty and standing up for what we value and hold dear feels on FIRE right now!!

There is a lot of Plutonian stuff happening too. The Sun, Moon and Mars all form square with this alchemical planet of transformation. Our desire to shine and be admired, a need for emotional security and a drive for deep self-transformation bring another layer of intensity to this full moon. Mercury has stationed direct (big exhale) so we are feeling a bit more clarity in our thoughts and communication.

Journal prompts-

~How am I living in my authenticity? How does this show up in my relationships?

~ What project that I started 6 months ago is coming to fruition? How am I recognizing and celebrating this manifestation?

~What is being illuminated for me right now? Am I heeding the call?

~What are my big dreams?


~Dance under the glorious full moon (clothing optional LOL) and soak in the moonlight. Dancing may help burn off some of the "extra" energy this moon is bringing. A great song for this is "The Joyful Man" by Mayestra

~Take a bath by candlelight. Add some Jasmine or Ylang Ylang essential oils to the water and soak in that fiery Aries energy


Circles and Cycles! Women's circle to honor the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th @Jpowerstudio in Benicia. We will start at 6:30PM.

New moon in Scorpio is mysterious and wants us to tap into our deepest desires. The veil is thin and we are getting deeper into the Underworld part of the year. Let's explore what we really want to bring into our lives.

RSVP for this free event here or sign up through the JPS app if you are a member. Free event (donations welcome) and open to all.

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