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Aries New Moon

New Moon in Aries, the first new moon of Spring, the beginning of the astrological year. New beginnings, new adventures are here, can you feel it? Aries is cardinal fire, Aries is passion and leading with the head (hence the horns) and getting things started. This new moon we have a stellium in Aries; the moon and sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron. This gives clarity and courage to speak your truth and insight to our personal healing. Aries represents the Self and can have a bit of a hero complex and that's ok, being our own hero in our own story is a beautiful thing. We are overcoming old wounds and embracing our independent spirit.

We also have a stellium in Aquarius. Venus and Mars are both conjunct Saturn. Taking action with authority around our values and passions. New beginnings and possibly shoring up boundaries while we set our intentions for the coming cycle.

This is a powerful new moon. Key take-aways are independence, soul healing, speaking your truth and letting go of old stuff that dulls your shine (with authority).

Journal prompts-

~ How am I the hero of my story?

~ Am I living my values and if not how can I begin to change that?

~ What adventures do I want to start?

~ How am I healing?

Happy New Moon my friends. Embrace who you are and where you are going. Love the s**t out of who you are right now and what you want to invite into your life. Light some fires, I don't mean literally, unless you can do so safely, in which case fire it up! You got this. Own it.


Circle up! Women's Circle for the Aries New moon. Connect with yourself and other women in sacred space. There may be dancing and definitely laughing. Learn more and RSVP below.

3/31/22 @6:30PM

@JPowerstudio, Aerial space

940 Tyler St.

Benicia, CA

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