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Capricorn Full Moon

Photo by Alfonso Pancho Munoz

Capricorn, the Cardinal earth sign, is known for being ambitious, driven and goal-oriented. The Moon in Capricorn opposing the sun in Cancer is and invitation to look at creating new structures of support. Cancer invites us home, a call back to our "roots" and our internal life. Capricorn is about our external life, our career or reputation. What structures do we need to release that no longer align with our emotional and physical needs? What can we build that supports us with the integration of our internal and external selves? Cancer (the mother) and Capricorn (the father) remind us we can parent ourselves. We can leave behind that which does not serve and cultivate new opportunities for emotional growth and accountability.

Career, drive and ambition will be highlighted now. Capricorn is "boss" energy and now is a good time to reflect on what you've accomplished over the past six months, what needs adjustment and what to release. Capricorn ignites our need to succeed and Cancer invites us to to take a deep look at our home and emotional life. Are you happy with your work/life balance? Are you carving out time for self-care? If not, what can be adjusted, what structures are needed to create balance and emotional safety?

Coming out of Gemini season, with its intense eclipses and Mercury retrograde we may need to create containers for reflection on what has been revealed these past few weeks. Sifting through this material with renewed clarity will allow us to face the stuff we didn't know was there (or did but avoided) and make decisions about what to do with it. Do we need to keep it and apply it for future success or can we let it go?

The full moon is sextile Jupiter and the sun is forming a trine with Jupiter in Pisces. This creates feelings of optimism and cheerfulness. Soak in this energy and go forth! We can all do with a little optimism and faith!

XO- Britt

Golden Thread Alchemy

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