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Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio

Full moon in Scorpio, total Lunar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde. That's a lot. Eclipses are transformative and intense. Mercury retrograde shakes things up and can lead to all sorts of communication mishaps and breakdowns. In fact, I have been struggling all week on what to write about this full moon. The moon and sun are forming a T-square with Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline adding more confusion as we may feel pulled to know the answers and fix the issues. Personally, I feel pulled in many directions and have decided the best way to get through this eclipse season is to surrender to it, to let go of my own expectations and embrace what is right in front of me, trust the universe and my own intuition. Scorpio is intuitive and psychic ruling the 8th house which is basically death and taxes. Not just death and taxes but grieving and dealing with other peoples resources, it's death and rebirth. It's about facing shadows and finding your own phoenix energy. This feels heavy but the reality is, we are capable of doing hard things (thanks Glennon Doyle) and usually there are beautiful things that come from our challenges.

Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, review and relax. Slow down. Mercury in Gemini is surface level and Scorpio allows us to look deeper. Look deeper at the motivations and root causes of miscommunications and missed connections.

Jupiter moved into Aries starting a new 12 year cycle and this is good expensive shit. Like the projects you have put aside feel renewed and possible. At the end of the month (5/29) Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Aries and this is definitely a boost. Mars likes to get things done and with Jupiter it can feel like you can do it ALL.

Be kind to yourself, be kind and understanding to others. The vibes right now can feel pretty erratic so adding a little more grace and compassion makes the little things not feel so big.

Be cautious of falling into any old patterns right now. The past may be feeling very present at the moment and falling into old habits or ways of being that you'd already left behind might look really comforting. You left those things (possibly even people) in the past for a reason, release them again if you feel called to.

Transformation is not easy work, it's not just mantras and self development. Real transformation hurts a bit (a lot) and takes practice. I'm not saying mantras and self-development aren't part of the journey because they are, but true change happens over a period of time and takes work. Lean into your practices and your creativity. Carve out time for your passion and your grief. Eclipses offer new beginnings and in order to embrace the new we have to release the old, alchemize old wounds and integrate new patterns and possibilities.

This full moon may bring up lots of emotions, let them come up. The eclipse may bring up things you buried, let them rise. Let go of the desire to control, maybe look at letting go of some of your desires, or at least reassess if they fit into your life the way you originally planned. Trust the universe. Trust yourself. Oh, and tell the people in your life how you feel about them, give more hugs. This last part is just me reflecting on the past couple of weeks since New Moon and the Solar eclipse. Personally things have been very shaken up. I've been reminded of the preciousness and the fragility of life. Give and receive all the love you can. Forgive. Forgiveness is an incredibly hard thing to extend especially to ourselves, but remember, you can do hard things.

Much love and full moon blessings,


**Art by Omar Rayyan**

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