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Full Moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius is at 7:37PM PDT on July 23. This is the first of 2 full moons in Aquarius this year, the second is 8/22.

Inner clarity, logic, progress and community are at the forefront of this Aquarius full moon. The Sun in Leo is focused "doing" and this full moon is a great time to step back from "doing" and use the Aquarian skills of observation. Can we look inward and observe our emotions more objectively, noting they are how we feel not who we are. Firming up boundaries about where we put our energy and disengaging from "battles" that drain us without our consent. This may free up space for things that can have a bigger impact both in our own lives and on the greater good. Aquarius is innovative and future thinking, we all have Aquarius in our charts, what part of your chart is being activated by this full Moon?

Ritual for Aquarius Full Moon

If you have a bathtub, brew up your herbal bath and let it steep for20 minutes or so. If you don't have a bathtub, brew up your footbath tea (same time requirements)

While it steeps, create sacred space while sitting at your altar, this can be super simple like a candle and flowers or more elaborate with all the elements represented, it's up to you and your practice. Having bright colors is appropriate for this full moon as the Sun is in Leo (think sunflowers and roses).

Do a grounding exercise or guided meditation if that feels right. I do my full moon rituals outside if possible or where I can see the moon. Spend some time basking in the fullness of her light. If you want to charge some moon water or your crystals put them outside in the moonlight overnight. Be sure to take them inside before sunrise.

Draw your bath and light incense (if using), get in and add your bath tea and oils. Soak! Reflect and dream. After your bath, get cozy and spend some time with your journal. (See journal prompts).

Journal prompts for this Full Moon-

"What is being illuminated in my life right now?"

"How can I take back time for radical self-care?"

"Looking at the past 6 months, what deserves to be celebrated? What have I accomplished or adjusted?"

"What are my dreams for humanity? What is my role?"

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