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Full Moon in Leo

This is the moon my oldest biological son was born under. This is his moon in my eyes. My Aquarian rebel with his loyal and strong Leo moon. The polarity of Aquarius and Leo is something I get to experience daily. Aquarius is the mind (fixed air), thinking of innovative ways to benefit the world or learning all the things in order to be a full time Devil's Advocate, while Leo brings us into our heart with compassion and loyalty and a strong desire to be seen as we are, like really seen. Did I say loyalty? I may have meant Royalty but, whatever. Leo's fixed fire is sustainable, unwavering strength and flair.

This full moon is asking us to claim what we desire, to claim our sovereignty. To come home to our heart. Venus and Mars are joined together for this full moon bringing passion and in Capricorn they also want a practical plan for the passion. How will you bring forth your creations (Leo rules creativity)? Mercury is finally clearing his retrograde shadow and has entered Aquarius adding clarity to thoughts and communication. This is a time to get clear on who we are in our hearts.

For me, this full moon is bringing up lots of stuff. That son I mentioned just turned 16 and I've been reflecting a lot on who I am now and who I was when I hit that milestone. So I'm going to share an older blog post and send you off to dance under the full moon, claim whatever you are birthing in your life and spend some time in your heart. Big love!


The scars hold my heart tight in place. I still run from the wolf. The scars show the way I love, protective and unyielding. The scars have been pulling me apart from the inside. The more losses I take the tougher it is to feel my own heartbeat. I turn tenderness to others, I try to cut out their pain, pull the scars from their bodies, free them from the ache they must carry.

The wolf stills bares her teeth at me. I hear her growl under the wind, vibrating through the patchwork of scars. I can growl back, my defenses rising with fire and fury but mostly now I do not. I see the depths of myself and trust the heights I know are coming. She has become a clumsy hunter and I am no longer prey. This isn’t defined by my strength it is defined by my love for the wolf. I know her pain and I know her desires. The scars hold a vicious power. I stretch the muscles of my heart, the scars pull in, they tighten then soften, they become pliable. I hold the weight of it inside me, the weight of my tender heart. It is precious and battle worn and it is mine. I am the wolf mother.

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