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Full Moon in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon in Taurus starts eclipse season. At 27 degrees of Taurus on November 19th at 12:57AM we have the Blood Moon and the longest partial eclipse in nearly 600 years. The Taurus full moon is about resources, values, money and security as well as our bodies and how we feel in our own skin. Taurus is physical, she lives in the material world and likes the good things in life. This moon is a time to really appreciate what we have now, assess where we put our energy and hard work and remembering how to breathe.

Eclipse energy can be erratic and this full moon and partial lunar eclipse may expose things and expose them quickly. We become aware of insights and changes abruptly and minding our reactions will prove important. Rituals and charging crystals, things normally encouraged during the full moon are not what I recommend for this full moon, but if you are called to that, you do you! I find that meditation, writing and chilling out is really grounding during eclipses. Reflection on what is present, what has come to fruition and what has run it's course is grounding. Self-love and acceptance are big themes too. So bust out your journal and let it flow. Here are some prompts for this full moon/lunar eclipse.

~ Where am I investing my energy? Is this a valuable resource for me?

~ How am I living in and loving my body? How can I be more connected in heart, mind and body?

~ How am I reacting to changes in my life? How can I release control of situations that are not mine to control?

~Write about 3 victories you want to celebrate in life. Are there places being highlighted you may be overlooking?

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