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Full Supermoon in Capricorn

Endings and Beginnings

This full moon in Capricorn is a Supermoon, so it's big and potent! July 13th at 11:38AM PDT at 21 degrees of Capricorn, the "Sea-Goat", both at home scaling a precarious mountain and navigating the deepest of oceans, with purpose shines brightly. Goal-oriented, dedicated and determined, this Cardinal earth sign shows up in career, reputation and structural systems both personally and collectively. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is not known for their emotional expression and this full moon is emotional. The moon is conjunct Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, the underworld and that which is hidden. Pluto is transformative and this full moon is exposing that which needs to be transformed or reworked. Transmuted. Highlighting the death of or dissolution of the structures in our inner, outer and collective worlds, we may find ourselves trying to hold on to the old, to the things that have "died" and are at their end. This can feel stuck or scary. Luckily, Uranus, the planet of chaos, chance and innovation is forming a lovely trine to the moon and Pluto offering up unexpected change, and a shaking up of things. I say this is lucky because it's not in your control and you may have to make changes and release your hold on what needs to go. Uranus is conjunct the north node so these changes, although shocking to the system, are "fated". Going with the flow or finding the quiet place in the eye of the storm will help let things shift, fighting won't help. If you find yourself resisting, ask why? Where is the resistance coming from? Can I let it soften? Can you lean into the softness Neptune is bringing? Neptune is forming a sextile with the moon and Pluto. Empathy and healing are gifts Neptune brings. Dream big about what can open for you under this full moon.

Depending on where you have Capricorn in your chart, this moon will affect you differently. For me, Capricorn rules my 3rd house of communication, siblings (cousins in my case), daily rituals and divination. Hmmm...well I have been communicating a lot with my cousins, just signed up for marketing/writing workshop to grow my business and I have been completely captivated and absorbed with tarot and archetypes. I've been living the astrology!

If you would like to find out where Capricorn is in your chart plus all the other signs, hit me up here for a reading.

How to work with this Full Moon

~ Shadow work- Spend some time reflecting and asking yourself the deeper questions. Journal or record yourself really working with the parts you normally don't show the world. Have a heart to heart with the dark parts of you. Steer clear of judging or "I need to change this about myself" and instead see how you can soften and love the darker side of you.

~ Reassess and evaluate- this is a great time to look at where you have been going and if you might benefit from some course correction. Do your goals still resonate with you? Did they ever? Are your goals yours or goals you adopted from what others have told you to be? Or do they just need a little revamp and energy boost?

~ Write down what you'd like to release with ease and grace and burn the paper once the moon is full (or just after), send this to the universe and give them wings to be on their way.

Big love and full moon blessings,


Upcoming Events

I'll be on vacation for the July New Moon in Leo, so we will reconnect in person for the Virgo New Moon next month.

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