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Gemini Full Moon

Full moon in Gemini 12/18/21 at 8:36 PM. This is the final lunation of 2021...that happened fast!! Gemini is playful and quick witted. Comfortable with paradox and duality Gemini encourages us to to write our own stories or re-write them we see fit. Take a look at the stories others may have given you that you've adopted as your own, truly reflect on this and see what you've been carrying that belongs to someone else. Write your story- heck, tell your story and have fun with it!

This final full moon of 2021 is the first Gemini moon (new or full) that hasn't been eclipsed since June 10, 2020. As we move out of the Gemini/Sagittarius lunar axis and into the Taurus/Scorpio axis, we are completing an 18 month cycle. These last 18 months have been pretty interesting for the collective for sure! What started for you in June 2020 that is now coming to a close? What has changed for you, what are you ready to release to make room for what is next? New doors open, new adventures (very Sagittarian) and new connections (SO Gemini)! Be flexible and open to new things.

The day after the full moon Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn while conjunct Pluto. For 40 days we have the opportunity to really look at what we value and how our values align with our relationships. Deep heart stuff, give your heart space and get curious about what you truly love and connect with.

Journal prompts/exercises

~ Who am I becoming? When I look inside what do I see?

~ What is getting in the way of my intimate connections? How can I connect more deeply?

~ Gemini is the messenger- write a letter or create some art with a message. Send it out into the world.

**Artwork by Shannon Bonatakis**

Upcoming Women's Circle!

New Moon in Capricorn Women's Circle!

We gather together to set new intentions for the coming cycle and year!

January 2nd @6:30PM

@JPowerstudio in the Aerial Space

Click below to RSVP!

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