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I am Mercury

Mercury is my jam. I came into this world speaking my own language. Communication is my power. I gave it away, I hid it deep inside. It became tainted with untruth and denial. My wings clipped by sorrow, pain, longing and lost faith. I drowned my truth in wine and vodka. I became deviant to my calling- I let go of the little girl who told stories. I am a voice. More than that, I am ears, heart and arms to hold you with. I can ask for help, I can ask for love. I can be hurt and still soar with my wings half grown, my horns full and the thorns bloodied.

I am the one who holds the moon for you when you are lost in the sun. I look to the east with expectation of what is rising. I am Mercury, always curious and learning. I am Mercury going backwards to find my way forward. My orbit is not linear, I am not planned or predictable but I am constant.

I came in speaking my own language and I will leave listening to yours.

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