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Leo New Moon & Lion's Gate Portal

Leo New Moon is so, well, it's so Leo. The New moon is at 6:50AM PDT on Sunday (the Sun's day) and it coincides with the Lion's Gate Portal (8/8) when fixed star Sirius aligns with the sun and the earth. This new moon inspires all things Leo; boldness, playfulness, creativity, confidence, warmth and generosity. Leo is fixed fire and ruled by the sun. Leo shines and the brighter the better even without a stage Leo can be found in the spotlight sharing stories and shining light.

Ruling the heart and spine, this new moon calls us to ask our hearts what they need from us? Where are we holding back? Where can using your storytelling abilities help yourself and others in healing? Are we being courageous (spine) in sharing our story, in shining our light?

Honoring what we have cultivated and the the parts we are ready to release, being open and ready for the changes that will surely come are focus areas of this new moon. Setting our intentions with the rising sun may feel a little extra but this new moon is just that, EXTRA! Uranus is square the sun and moon creating a rebellious and restless energy. Be bold AND be aware of risky choices. Embracing uncertainty and grounding down will help your intentions take root.

Lion's Gate Portal 8/8- The number eight, which is the symbol for infinity represents a connection with our higher selves and universal consciousness. It is a time for new beginnings and for us to renew our purpose, our power and our passion. Sirius, the brightest star in our solar system makes his appearance as the morning star between 7/28 and mid August. 8/8 is a powerful day of collective intentions and manifesting new beginnings both individually and universally. The combination of new moon and Lion's Gate feels powerful because it is, there is a lot happening out there right now, use this energy to channel your intentions for what comes next, for finding and grounding your place and deepening your self-confidence and self-worth.

For your body-

Heart openers, back bends and twists! A meditative backbend over a bolster, allowing your body to sink in to the ground while shining your heart up to the cosmos, opening to possibilities and embracing the present.

Altar ideas- Sunflowers and rose quartz crystals for the Sun and the heart. The Sun and Strength tarot cards. Red and orange candles for the fiery sun. Calendula and Hibiscus both make wonderful decorations and teas.

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