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Libra Full Moon

Full moon 11:55AM PDT at 26 degrees Libra.

Aries season starts the astrological year with a "let's get this started" energy. It's physical, it's personal and it's fiery. We are pushing ourselves. We are focusing on ourselves and our desires and the Libra full moon gives an opportunity to balance and look at how we are interacting and working with others. A reminder that even if we can do it alone, we don't have to. Aries is the Self and leads with the head, balanced with Libra (the Other) we can invite in a bit of calm in the fire storm. We are still coming off the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (4/12) which hasn't happened since the mid 1800's. This conjunction is a big deal because both Jupiter and Neptune are rulers of Pisces (traditional and modern) and together they are expansive and dreamy offering us feelings of possibility, especially wherever Pisces is in your chart. For me that's my 5th house and I've been feeling a creative pull regarding my work and definitely feeling flexibility and possibility with how I interact with my children.

Venus is also languishing in Pisces where she is exhalted (think honored guest lounging on a comfy sofa eating bon bons) bringing more dreamy or fantastical romantic notions of life and love. Mars has just entered Pisces too. Mars is about action and in Pisces Mars is a little more introspective and compassionate.

This full moon is adding a softness and connection we may have been missing. It's a bit dreamy but Mercury in the earthy sign of Taurus helps us communicate in grounded realism. Opportunity to express our truth in ways we may not usually be comfortable. Embrace this.

Journal prompts

~Libra is balance, ask yourself in what ways you are in balance and where you can bring more balance in.

~ 5 ways you connect with others. Are there relationships in your life you can invest more in, are their relationships you need to invest less (for balance sake)?

Happy full moon dear ones. May you find peace and harmony in all your relationships especially your relationship with yourself.

Big love- Britt


New Moon in Taurus
April 30,2022
@JPowerstudio, Aerial Space

Magic happens when women gather together- Tanya Lynn

We gather to share and reflect in safe, sacred space. We set intentions for the coming cycle, we listen and we let go of weight we need not carry anymore. All are welcome.

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