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Libra New Moon-Mercury Retrograde

The New Moon in Libra at 13* on 10/6 at 4:05 AM. The New Moon is a beginning of a cycle. The moon is receptive, ready for the seeds of intention we are planting for the new cycle. Libra is about relationships and seeing things from more than our own perspective and this new moon has themes in relational intelligence, conflict resolution and listening to another's point of view. There is opportunity, a motivation even to heal old wounds. The Sun, Moon and Mars are all conjunct in Libra forming a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. Libra communicates and this aspect can give us a push to create and share space in community or in partnership.

With Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra until 10/18, we may feel a wee bit out of sorts. It's a good time to go inward especially with Mercury making a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This square is happening just as Pluto stations direct and brings up a face off between emotional and compulsive Pluto with intellectual Mercury. What is the truth? How do we integrate it, own it and share it? Libra is communicating with others and sharing our authentic selves can be hard. We are being invited to do just that and have the courage to be vulnerable. Oh and take a break from social/tech if possible, it's not always our friend (or working well...)

Libra strives for balance and integration, how are we supporting ourselves and others in this life? Where can we lessen our attention and create space for untended things we want to see flourish, especially our relationships.

In my life, I am undergoing some resetting of personal expectations and ideals that need balancing. I am looking deeply at my energy stores and how and on whom I am spending them on. As Saturn prepares to go direct this month I am very aware of my responsibilities and my choices. Understanding that I have chosen many of these responsibilities (ALL OF THEM) and breathing into what it feels like accepting that, embracing it even. We may all be feeling a shift in the structures of our lives and our communities with Saturn moving forward again, how we lean into these shifts and find balance will be key.

Journal prompts-

~ Where in my relationships have I narrowed my vision? What would it feel like to look at things from another's perspective?

~ How am I showing up in my relationships? How am I showing up for myself? What would giving 5% more look like for my relationships?

~ How am I healing and supporting myself as old wounds surface? How does it feel to "reparent" myself around these wounds? Who can support me in the healing?

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