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New Moon in Aquarius and Imbolc

January 31st at 9:45PM marks the second new moon of January. This means February doesn't have a new moon but it always has Imbolc, the Festival of Brighid, the Goddess of Fire, Creativity, Fertility and Craftsmanship where we see Spring starts to emerge, the first lambs are being born, a new beginning.

This new moon comes on the heels of Venus stationing direct in Capricorn on Saturday 1/29. 40 days and nights of deep introspection has me pretty exhausted. The Venus/Pluto energy is a dive into our own underworld, to go to places we've kept hidden and although it's not over because Venus is still in Capricorn and moving back toward another conjunction with Pluto, Venus is direct now and with the help of Mars who had just entered Capricorn we have the motivation to get things moving. We can now sweep up some of the emotional baggage we've been mulling over and leave what we no longer need in the waste bin of the past and get to work integrating the authentic parts we have uncovered.

Let's not forget Mercury, who is retrograde in Capricorn turning direct on February 3rd. So, we have a lot of big Capricorn energy, lots of Pluto energy and Uranus is making some strong aspects to the Moon, Mars and Venus. There are some things that will be shakin' up to the surface, we may know these things already but now we will be face it.

The new moon is a time to set our intentions for next cycle and Imbolc is the reminder that winter won't last forever and new life is sprouting. What have you been brewing or incubating this winter? What is ready to come out to be created? Aquarius season is about innovation and community, let's use this season to put our past behind us and plant the seeds and dream the dreams of our future.

Journal prompts

How am I transitioning?

What am I creating? What do I want to bring to the world?

Join us for Circle!

Aquarius New Moon Circle

Jan 31, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM JPowerstudio, Aerial Space, 940 Tyler St, Benicia, CA 94510, USA

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