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New Moon in Cancer

This new moon is a call to slow down. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, she invites you in to eat good food, to be loved and to be safe. I know many of us feel the need to be loved and nurtured right now and at the same time the call to act, to stir shit up and fight. On June 27th Mars is conjunct Eris. Eris, the Goddess of discord and chaos, stirring the cauldron and Mars the warrior ready to get a move on. It's wanting to act but feeling overwhelmed and angry. It's chaos. Ok, maybe it's just me, but I don't think so. The gift Eris offers in the chaos is a falling away of what is untrue, of what isn't important. There's an invitation to come home to center, to your own truth. It's easy to get swept up in the chaos and the uncertainty of it all. This is where the Cancer moon comes in so beautiful and perfect right now. To come home to yourself, to set intentions and regroup. To find your peace in the chaos, to know your truth and decide with clarity how to act. What comes next?

In my truth, this is hard to write. To not scream my truth from the mountain tops, my outrage, my fear is difficult because I am outraged and I am terrified. So, I struggle with my own advice but will take it anyway. I will sit with these emotions, I will call myself home, I will mother myself. I will plan and set intentions. I will embrace the chaos of Eris and the sanctity of Cancer. I will fight from my heart like my warrior mother did and I know, my rage is divine.

"My Rage is Divine."


Quote from @astrocatherine on IG

Art- Mary Herrera

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