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New Moon in Cancer 7/9/21

New Moon is when we ask "What is being conceived?" What is the universe offering to us? We plant our intentions like seeds each month having distilled down from the previous cycle what is essential to keep. We write our intentions for the next 6 months. We breathe life into them as if they already have come to fruition, opening the energy for them to manifest.

What are you nurturing in yourself? What did you release with the full moon to create space for something new to begin?

Cancer is the mother, the home. Reminding us that nurturing and mothering ourselves is important. Go inward, eat good food, journal, read...take a bath. Ritualize self care and create space where you feel safe both emotionally and in your body. As the mother, Cancer will put the needs of others in front of her own. How do you treat yourself? Are you open to receiving love from yourself and others. This new moon is for cleaning up our emotional boundaries and giving ourselves permission to feel how we feel. Reflecting back on the past month, what came up during eclipse season that you have been unpacking? Summer is time for fun and high production but make sure you listen to your inner mother and take time to slow down. Take some "lazy days" to nourish your soul. Get your bath ready for some ritual!

The Moon is forming a sextile with Uranus. Time to start getting those new ideas or projects in motion. Both the Moon and Sun are trine Neptune. This is an opening or expansion for us, our dreams start to feel more possible. Remember those new ideas and projects? Dream big and remember to stay present. Neptune energy can be confusing and overwhelming, find your feet when you feel you are starting to float. Mars and Venus are opposing Saturn and all are forming a square with Uranus. This is a tense energy. We may feel ready to take action especially around something we love and value (possibly involving relationships eh?) and Saturn constricts while Uranus is just itching for SOMETHING to happen, like now... like lightening!! Keep breathing, things that move at a steady pace usually come with a strong foundation. Mercury is finally out of his retrograde shadow and moving toward Cancer. Communicating our emotions will come with more ease now.

The New Moon is July 9th, 2021 at 6:17PM (PDT)

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