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New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio 11/4 at 2:14PM at 12°

This new moon in Scorpio is intense. Scorpio is about the truth and what is underneath. Scorpio is transformation and even deeper, transmutation or alchemy, turning hard things into useable things. Death and Rebirth, Phoenix themes if you will. New moon is about new beginnings, and this new moon is about what we’re letting go of (death) and what we are bringing in (rebirth). It’s a time to look inward and see what we’ve left open or what is left wanting? What desires do we have? How can we cultivate and nurture this need or desire?

Key things that affect this new moon and life in general right now are Mercury has finally moved out of their retrograde shadow and its full steam ahead, moving into Scorpio on Saturday.

The Sun is in opposition of Uranus the planet of electricity and revolution. This can bring some shocking, sudden change or realizations. There is strong potential for a breakthrough (or breakdown) at this time, whatever it is, it will come through clearly, possibly something you’ve tucked away for a while that needs oxygen.

Mars moved into Scorpio last Friday and as the traditional ruler of Scorpio he is in his sultry and strategic power. Mars can now shift his focus back to the self after his time in Libra where the focus is on others. Being your own advocate may feel amazing and it may feel uncomfortable and being true to yourself is deep self-care so get at it!

Shadow Work

Our Shadow is our "dark side", the parts of ourselves we find unsavory, unacceptable or unworthy. These parts we turn away from because they feel shameful or yucky. Doing Shadow work explores these parts of ourselves, not to "fix" them but to accept, embrace and integrate. To go deeper into the "yuck" to find the root, the truth and to help us let go of the ways we think we "should be". Shadow work is not quick work, it takes practice to love ourselves deeply, it takes practice to accept ourselves completely. Here is an exercise and journal prompts for shadow work. Be patient and kind to yourself in this work. This is some deep watery Scorpio stuff.


~ Find some quiet space where you can look into a mirror (hanging or handheld) light a candle and spend a few minutes just breathing. Have a journal and pen nearby. When you are centered, look into the mirror. Who do you see in the mirror? Really look at them, deeply in their eyes. Tell this person in the mirror you love them, you see them, you want to care for them always. Say these things out loud. Don't rush, look at them like you are just seeing them for the first time and what a true miracle they are to be here now in front of you right now. Touch your face and neck, feel your hair and skin. Smile, cry, make faces, be there with this person. Journal about anything that came up for you, how did you feel, what did you notice?

Journal Prompts-

~ How do I judge myself and others? Do I hold myself to higher standards or vice versa? How can I release this judgement and level the playing field?

~ What is something I should forgive myself for? Why haven't I forgiven myself before? Am I able to forgive myself now?

~ How can I be kinder to myself? In what ways do I consciously or unconsciously punish myself? How can I prioritize myself?

**Prompts from Cosmic Rx

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