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New Moon in Taurus & Solar eclipse

Eclipse season begins. Eclipses bring a chaotic energy, a wonky unsettled feeling like anything can happen, or should happen, or is happening but we're just not quite sure what. Leaning into Taurus during this time is helpful. Grounding yourself and feeling into the physical world can help calm the chaos. Taurus is about resources, both our internal and external resources and very tied to the material world. Uranus, the planet of revolution and innovation is conjunct this new moon, adding an even higher frequency of rebellion and chaos. This new moon is ready to break old bonds and level all the way up, but eclipses are not the time to be drastic, eclipses shake things around and it's usually a good call not to act rashly.

Pisces has a big role in this new moon as well. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is in Pisces all snuggled up with Jupiter and Neptune. Venus call us to look at our values and our worth. How are we valuing ourselves? Are we processing the changes that are inevitably coming or already here? So much of the time we say we want change or to leave the old stories behind like a snake sheds it's skin but in reality, we resist it. There is an invitation to stop resisting and start integrating. To open ourselves up to the possibilities. Integrate the newness that is happening and continue to manifest the things you want. Right now that may feel very tied to the physical world and that's ok, being grounded here on earth is a good thing. So, enjoy the creature comforts of life, write out your intentions, spend sometime in nature if you can. Let the tides of change wash over you, play in the sand. Shoot, make mud pies!

New Moon in Taurus

April 30, 2022

1:28PM PDT

"I am worthy of love, safety and security. I deserve to have nice things. I deserve the life I want, I am the Creatrix of my life."


New Moon Women's Circle

4/30/22 @6:30PM

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