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Pisces Harvest Moon & Mabon

The Harvest Moon in Pisces on 9/20 at 4:54PM PDT is an opportunity for healing and shadow work. The Pisces/Virgo axis is an interesting one. Virgo wants to work and get all the details right. Many of us may have our heads down focusing on these details, focused in on the work to do. Pisces is an invitation to look up and take in the broader picture.

Pisces is mutable water, it is vast like the ocean. It takes in the full vibe of life and is very forgiving and healing. Surrendering into the flow of life is not giving up, it is forgiving what was, accepting of what is now and opening to what is possible. Dreaming of an unlimited potential, encouraging us to dream a little bigger and trust ourselves. In order to trust, we must be honest. This full moon is about inner truth and a deep knowing of ourselves. Sharing our shadows and unfurling slowing, we find our edge and work with it.

This Full Moon is at 28 degrees of Pisces, the end of a cycle or many cycles. This cycle kicked off with the Pisces New Moon last March. What has cycled through these past 6 months for you? On 9/22 we move into Libra season and celebrate the Autumn Equinox (Mabon for us witchy folks) and now is a good time to take stock of what we want to carry with us into the new season. Lay down all the "sticks" you are carrying and let's review... Which of these sticks is really mine to carry? Which of these sticks do I carry because it is assumed I will? Has someone told me I "should" be carrying this? Does this stick belong to someone else? If so, maybe it is time to give it back. Are there sticks you really feel are important to carry but would be easier if you had assistance? Are you willing to lean into that and ask for support? Be honest. Out of balance Pisces energy can be the martyr or the doormat. Boundaries are important and can be held in a loving and healing way, hold them! Pull in the Virgo sun and only pick up the sticks that are yours to carry.

On Mabon (9/22) we celebrate the balance of light and dark and begin our descent into the underworld (Look up the myth of Persephone and Demeter). Mercury is square Pluto on 9/22 so this descent may come on a little fast! This energy is about deep reflection and conversation. Pluto is the God of the underworld, he is quite adept at uncovering what lies under the surface. Things will be revealed in some manner and if we are open and consciously listening, we will be able to move into acceptance with more ease.

On 9/26 Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Now is a good time to prepare! Being flexible is key. Back up data, forgive misunderstandings and breathe... Where is Libra in your chart? This area of life may be feeling it a little more during this retrograde cycle. Mercury stations direct again on 10/18 and we'll be under the effects until early November.

Full Moon Self-care and love-

Pisces rules the feet and the water in our body. Treat yourself to a foot massage or pedicure. Take a bath or find a good place to soak, find the buoyancy of Pisces in water.

Journal prompts-

~ What "Sticks" am I releasing this full moon?

~ What have I been holding back that needs to be said or shared? How would it feel to share this?

Full Moon and Mabon Blessings!

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