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Pisces New Moon

At 9:34AM (PST) at 12 degrees of Pisces on March 2nd is the New Moon. In the mutable water sign of Pisces, this moon can bring all the feels. The lowest lows and highest highs. The emotion can get on everything. This new moon has a lot going on along with it. Mars and Pluto are conjunct along with Venus in Capricorn. This is warrior energy we need to get the things we are dreaming about (how very Pisces to dream) moving forward. Mars/Pluto energy is transformative energy that has a tension to it like something about to burst and that may be uncomfortable but necessary to get you moving forward on what dreams you've been dreaming. The moon, Sun and Jupiter are also conjunct and that is good, expansive "I got this s**t" stuff. It's like a renewal or re-awakening for stepping into the unknown, for going places you've only been dreaming of. This is a good time to say yes.

With all this dreamy energy we are fortunate to have Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius bringing us a desire to know the facts and plan accordingly. Edit out the BS and start a new practice that you've been meaning too. Be aware the dreamy energy won't go away to quickly, the Sun will meet up with Neptune shortly after this new moon which can feel a bit confusing or hazy, but still, like anything is possible and on 3/5 when Venus and Mars get together in Aquarius you may feel a little more love for and faith in humanity than you have been lately. Our inner and outer worlds are always complicated. Lean into that love of basic goodness.

Journal prompts/ reflections

~ Where am I holding back? What needs to be released? (It's ok to let it get a little messy)

~ How am I transforming?

~ How can I invite more passion or creativity into my life?

Having faith can be hard, but I still believe in magic and I hope you do too. Blessed New Moon.

To gather with us for New Moon on 3/2 @6:30 PM @JPowerstudio in Benicia, click below to RSVP and learn about upcoming circles.
Big love!

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