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Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer and The Mother Archetype

The Sun moved into Cancer on the evening of June 20th. The Crab lives in the tidal pools, effected by the Moon and the ebbs and flows she creates. The rhythms of the ocean, the emotions we feel are tied closely to Cancer. We are invited to come home, to be with our memories and emotions, to be held by or hold those close to our heart even if they are no longer physically here. Cancer rules the 4th house which is the house of home and ancestral work, our "Roots". Coming off of eclipse season and with Mercury stationing direct on the 22nd, we are ready for clarity and healing. It may be time to seek comfort and nurturing, possibly a nap is in order before jumping back into the projects you began in January. Be gentle with yourself and others, we are still experiencing the tension of the Saturn square Uranus. Gathering with community, sharing stories and meals are all good things right now. It's ok to feel optimistic about the future, listen to the stories around you and create space for those you love. The earth is ripe with good things, listen carefully.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Sun moving into Cancer marks the Summer Solstice and the celebration of Litha or Midsummer. Pagans and witches gather to celebrate the earths bounty and abundance. The Sun stays with us long into the evening and after the solstice we begin our way back to the balance of day and night with the Fall equinox. Now is a time to move our bodies and remember to get some vitamin D. The gardens are growing and ripening, the energy of the Sun is strong and active! Summer Solstice is the time of the Mother Archetype. The Maiden of spring becomes the Mother of Summer. Her energies are expanding, nurturing and transforming. Hard work pays off, we share abundance with our communities, we are courageous and resilient. A healthy mother is herself mothered. Interwoven and interdependent, the Mother is part of the community, she gives and receives, she plays and she disciplines. We celebrate this time of the Mother (Cancer) by supporting each other and giving our attention to the ebbs and flows of nature and the Wheel of the Year as it turns.

Your Rising sign will determine which house in your chart Cancer rules. This house is influenced by the Sun during this time. If you don't know your chart reach out to me for a reading and find out how the universe is energizing you!

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