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Virgo Full Moon

Full moon in Virgo at 12:18 AM, March 18th. This moon feels like gardening, purging and organizing. Bringing magic to the mundane which Virgo rules. Virgo rules daily tasks and health. Ruling the sixth house of work and service, Virgo is how we take care of ourselves and what we craft (our work) in the world. It's how we are of service and editing out the things that do not serve. Virgo can bring out the perfectionist in us and that is the beauty of polarity, with Pisces being the opposite of Virgo we can remember to breathe into the balance of dreams and practicality. That is a beautiful combination, practical dreaming or the ability to put our dreams into action. This is especially potent energy as we are about the venture into Aries season. Spring, the season of new beginnings and growth.

For me personally, I've been dreaming a lot and thinking about what I really want to manifest in a way I haven't done in a long time. The shift in the light and the smell of the spring like air have me craving my garden and planting. I feel like things are really possible, change is happening and I'm excited for the astrological new year. The softness of Pisces is still present though. In the expanding light of March I found myself planting seedlings with my oldest son who is adopted. My mother adopted him as a grandson years ago and when his mother passed he came to be with our family full time. He told me it made him sad to be planting seeds because it reminded him of "Momo" and how he would help her in the garden. We reflected on how much we missed her and how these things that remind us of her keep her alive and with us. It's not sadness so much as gratefulness that she bestowed on us her very Taurus love of dirt and flowers and we feel her in our work.

This Virgo full moon is a good time to reflect on your health and caring for yourself. Slow down from the urgency Virgo can bring to everyday life, find the balance. Full moons are for releasing and celebrating that which is illuminated in your life.

So, as Pisces season comes to a close I am releasing perfection and embracing the magic in my everyday life. I'm celebrating my 2 years of being alcohol free (Pisces is tied to addiction). I'm planning my dreams and taking steps to reach them. This is how I will celebrate the Virgo full moon, being grateful and hopeful.

Journal prompts and reflections

~ How am I caring for my body? What can I adjust to create better or maintain my physical health?

~ What is my relationship with perfection?

~ What needs clearing out from my life (or just my closet)?

Upcoming Events

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