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Virgo New Moon

Apples are starting to fall from the trees, their limbs heavy with ripening fruit. The season of the witch is upon us. With this Virgo New Moon we are reminded that the small things need attention, the details matter. Eat your greens, move your body, clean up your inbox and make magic. Getting organized, starting new projects and taking some calculated risks are themes for this new moon. The moon is trine Uranus, are we ready to be bold? The small things we do will set in motion the bigger changes we want in life both personally and globally. Uranus, the planet of revolution and electricity opens a portal of magical change. Pull out your crystals, write down your intentions and plant the seeds, it is time to do that thing you know you want to do but may have been letting collect cobwebs in the back of your closet. I'm not saying jump without a net, I'm saying start doing the things to move that mountain or build that temple.

Humble and hardworking Virgo gets shit done and is independent and self-reliant. Being vulnerable is a strength and if you find this strength challenging, it may be time to push on that edge. Ask for help. Virgo can be of service to others and ask for help too! Moving mountains is rarely a solo gig. This new moon wants us to thrive and encourages steps that may seem scary but are worth it in the end. Look up from your meticulous work now and again and take in the view. This work you do plays a role in the web of life, keep weaving and keep believing in magic. Drink water, rest, be in your body (like do some yoga and stuff, I don't know what works for you but your body does!), eat the food that nourishes you. It's harvest season, enjoy the fruit of your labors but know the work is not complete, a new cycle is beginning, honor it.

The Moon, Sun and Mars all form a trine to Pluto. A deep awakening is coming. Be open to what is rising in you, what is possible, what you can change. There is space and you can decide how to fill it. Be bold.

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