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Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon, August 27, 2022 @ 1:17AM PDT at 4 degrees

Virgo season. Back to school season. Virgo season is one of my favorites. The days are getting shorter but still long enough to feel summery, the seasons are beginning to change, the air is crisper and the kids go back to school! Virgo is a practical witch, tending to her lists and de-cluttering her life. Virgo rules the intestines and digestive system, the parts of the body that separate what is useful and what is waste. Now is a good time to clean house and by “clean house” I do mean all of the above. Reassess your diet and how you are tending your health. ‘Tis the season to start new rituals and your health rituals may need a polishing. Drink enough water, get your probiotic game on point, maybe do a cleanse. It’s also time to edit your life. This can be your physical home, your relationships and how you spend your time. Like I said, clean house. Virgo likes order and with Mars in Gemini square the sun and moon you may be experiencing some chaos. This new moon will probably expose things are aren’t working so well and will make clear the parts you need to clean up or edit. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury. My youngest son is a Gemini Sun and Virgo rising…sheesh that kids talks and knows all the stuff. Mercury is communication and intellect and Virgo likes to hone in on the details. Analyzing is very Virgoian (I may have just made up that word) but be careful not to obsess, this is the shadow side of Virgo. Ruling the sixth house of health and daily work/rituals Virgo also wants to know how we are being of service? Our work in this world is not necessarily our careers but our daily work and rituals, where we spend our time each day. Can we make changes to feel more effective? Are we carving time to give back to others or do we give more than we receive?

Virgo is the Witch of the zodiac. A mutable earth sign, she is grounded, she is a healer and she is practical. To work with the energy of Virgo make the lists, check the boxes and organize the “stuff”. The Hermit card in the major Arcana is the tarot card for Virgo. The Hermit represents wisdom, illumination, introspection and meditation. This doesn’t mean that Virgo is lonely, but alone time is precious and important. The Hermit is also the teacher, sharing wisdom and knowledge with others. How are we sharing our knowledge with the world, how are we being of service?

This Virgo season you are encouraged to channel your inner practical witch. Make time for yourself and bring rituals into your daily life with intention. This can be how you enjoy your morning coffee or tea, spending 5 minutes meditating (or more if you can), pulling a daily card from a tarot or oracle deck, organizing your thoughts and day. As we move from summer into Autumn enjoy the season by planning your next move. Were you inspired in Leo season? Now is the time to plan how to put that inspiration into action. It’s time to get witchy!

Journal Prompts and self-reflections

~What rituals do I currently have in my daily life? What rituals do I want to bring in?

~What is my plan of action to make my Leo dreams a real, tangible thing?

~How am I tending to my health? What do I want to change?

Art By Dragan Ilic Di Vogo

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